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Frame Drum

For Women

This last year while staying home in Boulder, Colorado, I’ve had some people ask me to teach them how to play frame drum.  I love this drum and enjoy helping others learn to play.  So I have begun a weekly class and there has been enough interest to keep it up indefinitely.

You will learn:

Techniques for playing.

How to hold a rhythm and sing over it.

How to improvise.

Many rhythms from around the world.

Most of all you will learn how to set your natural musician free and feel energized and alive.  In our modern times, where we mostly listen to recorded music, we have forgotten the joy that comes with creating our own music in community.

If you have a frame drum, bring it.  If you don’t, then come and use one of mine.


2019-2020: Every Wednesday from 7 to 9 pm
$20 per participant

The location has been evolving so please contact me to find out the currently favored place

Thanks, Kristina Sophia

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